What are we doing to our kids ?

In keeping with cellular memory issues, the advances of technology are doing incredible harm to our kids.  In fact, technology is doing great harm to us adults as well.  With the advent of cell phones, tablets, and game boys, we are no longer engaged with personal conversation, nurturing each other, or even lifting each other up, especially our children.

You have to understand that when children are born, their brain is an empty vessel, taking in information at alarming rates.  Everything we think, say and do inputs information into their little brains, essentially mapping their growth, intelligence, and necessary responses to the world around them.  When you place technology in front of them, it changes the mapping of the brain.  They do not learn critical thinking skills, negotiation, sharing, patience, love, or even how to tie their shoes.

When they come off of a game boy or game on a cell phone or tablet their brains are racing, leaving them aggravated, grumpy, and inattentive to anything you are trying to teach them.  Children need naps in the afternoon because that helps to restore their energy while they are learning about the world.  When you inject electronic games instead of naps they become difficult to deal with.  Happy children are taught simple skills like building blocks, making things, expressing their thoughts through pictures they draw and playing with each other.

It is certainly a hard road for parents today.  Not only do we have to work to pay for all this technology which has literally taken over our collective worlds, we have formed addictions to texting and gaming.  We leave our creative juices behind and place them at the back of our consciousness, feeling anxiety when we don’t hear back immediately from someone we have texted.  We, as adults, are cranky, depressed, and tired all the time.  We believe that if we could just engage our children in something that does not require our attention for just a little while, everything would be fine.  Unfortunately, we are compounding the problem.

Technology is great for some things, and runs the direction of manufacturing, economics, and the world.  We are so overloaded with information from our livelihoods, that when we come home, we believe we have to continue on that vein.  We have lost the ability to step off the roller coaster and take a much needed break, rejuvenating ourselves and our families.

Something has to change.  Are you willing to take a 30-day challenge?   How would you feel about putting your phone down for 30 days.  No texting, no checking your phone every minute of the day; just place it in a basket or such at the front door when you come home.  Anyone game?

Children and cellular memory

Why do I write about cellular memory?  Because it affects everything we think, say and do.  Children begin formulating cellular memory from the moment they are conceived in the womb.  Fifty percent from the mom, and fifty percent from the dad.  The mother’s cell and the father’s sperm combine to form a “unicell” that begins to grow as that new little human being.  Their cellular memory being formulated takes into consideration all of the elements of the pregnancy including everything the mom and dad think, say and do during that little embryo’s growth.  If dad walks away and says it isn’t my problem, that child (embryo) will feel abandonment even though they are in the womb.  If the mom decides to give that child up when born, that child will feel abandoned.  It takes an enormous amount of loving, caring, and cuddling on the part of adoptive parents for the child to feel loved again.
How do I know all of this?  All of the six children in my family including me and five brothers and sisters were taken from our mom after our dad abandoned all of us and ended up in prison, tumbling our mother into a complete mental and emotional breakdown.
All of us had abandonment issues, and have spent an adult lifetime reconciling those feelings to become whole and happy human beings again.  It is a journey that requires much work.
Back to children: The embryo is formulating  cellular memory in the womb, including much more than abandonment issues, but involving every element of life.  That little baby in there is even picking up whether mom and dad love the child and are excited for its arrival, or whether they are fighting all the time and bummed about the fact that a child is about to change their world.
Science and medicine have published multiple studies that show the effects of cellular memory on a child, including behavioral issues and so much more.  There is a plethora of research available online.  Type in what you are searching for and multiple websites and studies from Harvard Medical Center, and multiple universities around the country are most likely to have the information you are searching for.
I would love to hear your thoughts about my posts.  Share with your friends.
Monday, I will share more about cellular memory and children as they grow.  Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

What is Cellular Memory?

Cellular memory is the most primal construct of who we are.  Every memory is held in your body.  Everything you have ever seen or learned has a cellular imprint.  Old hurts, both physical and emotional, are stored in your cells.  Past memories can be activated in the present by circumstances, sounds, smells, etc.  As we clear past hurts, fears, shame and anger, we can begin to live in the now.  The only thing we can do about the past is to clean it up.  Our aliveness is in the present moment.  As we clear up our history, we begin to live fully in the present, AND create a better future for our children.

When I first began writing my book, it was quite different from what it is today.  Although very cathartic and healing, I seemed to be sick with some physical condition all the time.  Even certain life situations would trigger physical responses in me that I could not explain.  I began to have panic attacks and my anxiety level would increase exponentially when I would write about a stressful time in the book.

It wasn’t until I was researching my family history (because I was adopted) and was looking at the notes from my foster home caseworker that I noticed something unusual.

I had obtained copies of my mother’s medical records.  She had a complete mental and emotional breakdown when I was born.  It had been brewing for a long time, and she had already lost some of her children to death, and to Social Services.  She was sent to a Mental Hospital in the next state over from where I had been placed in foster care.

It seems when I was about nine months old I started having severe seizures in my crib every day at the same time.  They would last about fifteen minutes.  Back in those days they were described as “fits”.  I eventually broke the rail of my crib.  After six weeks, the seizures completely stopped, and by the time the State authorized a visit to the doctor, they could find nothing physically wrong with me.

As I read my mother’s mental health records, I discovered something that took me aback.  At the same time I was having “fits” in my crib she was having a new up and coming treatment for mental disorders called “electroshock therapy”.  The therapy causes major seizures in the patient.  It was thought at the time to “re-trigger” the brain’s responses to stimuli to help treat mental illness.

You see, my mother was in a state mental facility 250 miles and a state away from where I was located at the time.

As time went on, I have experienced other cellular connections and shifts within my body, and will talk about those as my blog permits.

Right now, I would like to ask you if you have ever experienced a cellular shift in your body?  It can present itself as tingling, feeling almost like you’re having a hot flash or excessive temperature change in your body for seemingly no reason, or just a sense that something has just created a major shift in your belief system.

Into the Darkness

Most of us have walked around all our lives with the perception that life began the day we first saw light in the world, that magical time of birth that everyone celebrates.  In truth, that first nine months in total darkness generated the creation of more information than all the computers in the world could hold.   You see, we are created with so much intelligence, we cannot comprehend it all.   All of that data is held within what is called our “cellular memory”.  Cellular memory is the most primal construct of our DNA, our fight or flight responses, our emotional intelligence, our core beliefs, and even our misperceptions and erroneous beliefs.

Ninety percent of the choices and thoughts we have in a day are entirely unconscious and influenced by our cellular memory.

In my book, The Darkness Cannot Keep Us – Choosing A Better Tomorrow, I describe my life in the womb of a mother who was struggling against all odds to hold her family together.  What I discovered as I wrote was that I began to experience more and more physical problems as I took readers through that initial journey in the womb.  The good news is that it was healing.  It changed my perceptions about life and who we are, expanding my experience so that I could share with others what I have learned.

In my blog, I would like to start discussions with you so that all of us can learn together just how powerful we really are.  It is possible to shift negative misperceptions to create a positive future for ourselves.

If you feel like your stuck, and life seems to be an endless treadmill of the same old same old every day, then maybe it’s time to have some conversation about what could get you unstuck!

We are familiar with the darkness.  It is comfortable.  It is that invisible box that we like to keep ourselves in so we don’t have to feel unsafe.  Let’s start the conversation here.  What you are feeling right now is just an illusion.