Workshop: Your Body Talks





Have you ever wondered why:

You repeat habits over and over and can’t seem to change course?

Your first impression of someone is instant dislike or love?

You have persistent pain when the Dr. says nothing’s wrong?

You are constantly fatigued and don’t know why?

Changing your feelings about something is so difficult?

There is a reason for all of it. That reason is stored in our cellular structure and is completely oblivious to our conscious memory and thought processes. Our brain cannot wrap our thinking around how to change it, leaving us to feel powerless in creating what we really would like to optimize in our health, relationships, and life itself.

THE GOOD NEWS is we can change anything in our lives that is not working for us anymore. There are tangible tools to activate the conditions we choose to create for ourselves. This workshop will share those tools with you to become the master of change in your own life.


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