We are droplets, just like water, in a never-ending sea of consciousness. From the moment of our conception, information is imprinted within each growing cell. Taken from our parentage as well as the exterior conditions of their world, perception formed by this phenomenon creates the basis of our most primal constructs, and is called unconscious cellular memory. It shapes the thought patterns and core beliefs that evolve within us after birth. This form of memory also guides the formation of our DNA within the womb. Science and medicine have studied the impact of unconscious cellular memory on behavior and health for many years and have documented those effects on the human psyche.

In her book The Darkness Cannot Keep Us, the author takes us on her personal journey commencing within theBook-Cover-for-Website womb of her mother. She shares the most significant outcomes formed by this fascinating phenomenon shaping her choices, fears, and ultimately her life. Her dark beginnings almost took her life. Facing those times from the observation of the soul rather than the conscious mind has been life-changing. She shares the promise of choosing a better tomorrow giving each of us hope that we are more than what our environment has defined us to be. Order your autographed copy of The Darkness Cannot Keep Us shipped directly to you for $12.
Now she utilizes what she has experienced in her own life to facilitate change for others in workshop formats and keynote addresses. She knows that once we access those memories, life can change for the better in a moment.

biophoto2Kathleen is an award-winning motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and also provides individual life coaching. She has spent the past twenty years working with the human energy system as a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Healing Touch Practitioner, engaging the complex energy characteristics of the human body to assist others in finding balance and answers within themselves. Her workshops assist others in eliminating erroneous self-doubts and beliefs to become more productive, focused and happy in every element of their lives.HEART-LOGO

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