Into the Darkness

Most of us have walked around all our lives with the perception that life began the day we first saw light in the world, that magical time of birth that everyone celebrates.  In truth, that first nine months in total darkness generated the creation of more information than all the computers in the world could hold.   You see, we are created with so much intelligence, we cannot comprehend it all.   All of that data is held within what is called our “cellular memory”.  Cellular memory is the most primal construct of our DNA, our fight or flight responses, our emotional intelligence, our core beliefs, and even our misperceptions and erroneous beliefs.

Ninety percent of the choices and thoughts we have in a day are entirely unconscious and influenced by our cellular memory.

In my book, The Darkness Cannot Keep Us – Choosing A Better Tomorrow, I describe my life in the womb of a mother who was struggling against all odds to hold her family together.  What I discovered as I wrote was that I began to experience more and more physical problems as I took readers through that initial journey in the womb.  The good news is that it was healing.  It changed my perceptions about life and who we are, expanding my experience so that I could share with others what I have learned.

In my blog, I would like to start discussions with you so that all of us can learn together just how powerful we really are.  It is possible to shift negative misperceptions to create a positive future for ourselves.

If you feel like your stuck, and life seems to be an endless treadmill of the same old same old every day, then maybe it’s time to have some conversation about what could get you unstuck!

We are familiar with the darkness.  It is comfortable.  It is that invisible box that we like to keep ourselves in so we don’t have to feel unsafe.  Let’s start the conversation here.  What you are feeling right now is just an illusion.

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